A Lucid Life, Part II

A clear head. Is it a priority?

During the course of a given day, we prioritize our appearance, our e-mail, our cell phone conversations, our relationships, lunch dates, appointments, workouts, Birthday dinners, church, dry cleaning, you name it. And now that it is nearly December, it is even crazier. Add on top of it all gift-buying, gift-wrapping, budget-keeping, cookie-baking, charity-donating, party-hosting, party-hopping, flight-booking, and church-going. WHO CAN THINK ABOUT KEEPING A CLEAR HEAD?

This is when the voice of God is calling to us, “Be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray” (I Peter 4:7).

I wonder what our day would look like if we prioritized a clear head and a lucid life. It may include a silent car, empty of dj’s and music. It may call us to turn off the television that last 30 minutes before bed, or during dinner. It may mean taking a walk during our lunch break for the purpose of literally “clearing our head.” Would it mean, Heaven forbid, turning off our cell phone? Or perhaps a week without email. I don’t know what it means for you. But I know that whatever it is, for you and for me, it is necessary. It is worth everything to find and keep a lucid mind so that we can pray.

The word “lucid” has taken on new meaning for me over the last month of my life. My grandparents had been declining in strength of body and mind in recent months. My Nana was nearing the end of her days, and we knew that she had very little time left with us. The very same week, Granddaddy, her husband of almost 60 years, fell and broke his hip and had to go into the hospital. He underwent surgery on his hip and remained in the hospital for recovery. My family traveled back and forth between caring for her on her deathbed and caring for him in the hospital. Because of Granddaddy’s age and other medical conditions, he remained under the influence of the anesthesia longer than expected. First it was a day after the surgery, then it was three…Granddaddy hadn’t returned to his right mind. He spoke to people not in the room and told grandiose stories with wild imagination.

Day after day, we’d ask: “How is Granddaddy?”, and the response would come, “He’s still not lucid.” He had not yet rejoined reality.

Then, my Nana passed away. Before my Granddaddy was fully “with us” again after his surgery, his wife of 60 years died. And although the news was pressing, as long as my grandfather was not “lucid”, doctors encouraged us not to tell him. Therefore, the funeral came and went, and so did several weeks before my Grandfather was declared “wth it” and lucid enough to receive such difficult news.

While this was terribly sad, there was truly no way around it…You see, although he was with us in body, if he wasn’t with us in mind, he couldn’t really experience Life.

Sisters, we may be alive with all of our vital signs, but if we are not present to Reality, if we are blinded by fantasies and illusions, if we are not of a sound and lucid mind, then we are incapable of experiencing Life as it truly is.

Is Life going on without your knowing it? Are you are living in a fog, hidden beneath a loud and busy mind?

Awaken to Real Life…shake the cobwebs from your mind and allow God to speak to you. In this season and always.

With love and Christmas blessings,


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