True Confessions, Part I

Heidi.jpgWhen you hear the words true confessions€, you may think of something like my friend Heidi. She has a very precious 9-month old Pete on her hip and a very positive pregnancy stick in her hand. Her true confession? Someone forgot the birth control.

This time, however, I want to consider true confessions in a different light. What is a confession but simply telling the truth? And therefore I guess a true confession€ is a bit redundant, but stick with me.

All day everyday, you and I make confessions. We speak out loud, we make acknowledgments, we agree or disagree with circumstances in our lives. We make declarations of our perceived reality.

My concern is that these confessions or declarations be€¦true.
Allow me to illustrate. During the course of the day, do you say things such as,
I€™m never going to get out of debt.
This organization will never grow.€
There is no way to put a quick end to this war.€

There are several problems with statements like these. They are discouraging, hopeless, and, perhaps most worrisome, they are definitive.

First, statements like these leave no room for God.
They speak only of what can be seen, what is visible with the eye. But with God all things are possible.€ We must never approach our life with a merely human perspective. God wants to transform every area of our life. He wants to bring a miracle to everything we touch. We must make room for GOD in our everyday thinking and speaking.

Statements like this are direct contradictions to His Word.
The Bible tells us:
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.€ (Phil. 4:13 )
His mercies are new every morning€¦in Christ are new beginnings. (Lam. 3:23)
He performs miracles€¦He divided the sea and led them through.€ (Psalm 78:12-13)
We need to know His Word and have it so sharp in our minds and hearts that we are able to speak words of hope and belief over ourselves.

This is so urgent because€¦Do you realize that to speak doubt into a situation can negatively reinforce that situation and even encourage it to happen? There is a reason God instructs us to use our tongue to speak life and not death. There is creative power in the words that we speak, just as with a word, He created the very universe. Christ has given us power to say to this mountain ˜Move from here to there” and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you (Mt. 17:20). His Word is filled with calls to have faith, even faith the size of a mustard seed, because our circumstances will be altered accordingly. According to your faith will it be done to you€ (Mt. 9:29). We can change the seemingly unchangeable by speaking words of faith and confidence in our God. This can happen through prayer or by the very words that we confess out loud.

We must learn to direct our words effectively and with power. They will literally carve a path for our life if we will use them well.

Then this is what we confess. Jesus is Who He says He is. He is our Hope, He is our Rescuer, He is our Defender, He is our All-Things-New. Fill in the blank. Whatever we need Him to be in our situation, we confess it.

Today, practice declaring truth instead of doubt or despair over your circumstance. Declare GOD over your circumstance. Try a few true confessions of your own. And let the Sky City Girls know how it goes.

[In this post we consider how to make True Confessions over our circumstances. Next time we will be challenged to make True Confessions over our very selves. Stay tuned.]


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